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Republican Response, Tea Party Response, ABDOU RESPONSE to State of the Union

Good Morning all!! Last week was pretty crazy, and the craziness will continue until later next week, SO for the sake of time, I will postpone my weekly update until next week and cover my week 4 and 5 experience.

BUT TODAY’S POST provides my analysis of last night’s State of the Union address. You might be shocked with the response; I will no longer stand by any particular party that digresses its political objectivity in order to take the other party down. Meaning, the REPUBLICANS need to wake up and smell the coffee. As much as I am a firm believer in the party’s social and fiscal conservative ideologies, their likeability is disgusting.

President Barack Obama had a simple message for Republicans in Congress: Do it my way. Forget about shutting down the government to force spending cuts, he told the GOP. Don’t think about defaulting on the debt and, while you’re at it, close tax loopholes. Clearly, Obama wasn’t in a mood to compromise. The president’s speech doubled down on his hard-charging inaugural address in promoting liberal Democratic policy ideas, without ceding any ground to Republicans in Congress. For now, Americans are far happier with Obama’s leadership than they are with Congress.

But that isn’t preventing Republicans from digging in their heels. House Speaker John Boehner told television correspondents and anchors Tuesday that immigration is about the only item on Obama’s list that has a chance of passing this year. NOW, WHAT KIND OF IDIOT WOULD SAY SOMETHING LIKE THAT? Lets be real for a minute, Boehner is not going to be able to pass his junk if the president doesn’t sign it into law! Compromise people! Its like two kids that do not want to share the sand box. Another idiotic Boehner move was his ugly, nonsmiling face throughout the night! Smile for Heavens sake! Life is short. When Obama states, 
”Thank you, honey,” to his wife Michelle and Jill Biden in the gallery for their work on behalf of military families, that humanizes him! NOT A UGLY LOOKING/TANNED/ RICH JERK

Now, as far as Obama is concerned, he is blaming the problems of 2013, for the same problems that occurred 2007. People may argue that decisions made in 2007 are impacting 2013.


Can England blame 1776 for the problems they are facing today? I think the point I’m trying to make is that England did not stay permanently defeated; it bounced back and still remains a global hegemon. If Obama were in charge of England in 1776, England would probably look like Italy right now. It all depends on whether you look to improve your condition or remain idle and blame your misfortune. The point is simple: England’s current political leaders aren’t blaming King George III for its current woes.

I don’t like Obama as president but I can’t just put all the blame on him for getting to where we are now but, can for what he hasn’t done since he’s been in office. He still lives in the now and blames the past for why he cant fix the future. It’s useless conversation.

For every policy conversation that he put forward to the congress, the republicans have been advocating those same conversations. It’s a matter of application, NOT RANTS. You can address anything but until it goes through and works its again useless. Obamacare, gun control, welfare systems, unemployment,  are all things that have been and are still not nor will ever work in the way they were handed to the people under his control.
You need an omnipotent magician, not a president who thinks with their brain not their mouth and own opinions.

Unto Rubio!

When he took that sip of water I shouted at the TV! What the heck is this guy doing! His water break sparked a flood of comments on social media. The Rubio water break will make for good water cooler conversation, but his pointed take on which party defends middle class are battle lines.

 Marco Rubio could make a more credible response to Obama if he hadn’t voted that very sane day against Violence Against Women Act.

 Rubio is doing something we don’t hear enough in politics: Engaging the opposition’s arguments, more or less point by point.

 I did like his statement where gave citizens hope. It is time to grow the American economy, not the government economy, and must now show real leadership. (I would apply the “real leadership” to his own party)


There’s no teleprompter for leadership. If our President could lead as effectively as he thinks he can speak, our nation would be well on the road to recovery. Both President Obama and Marco Rubio ended both their statements real nicely, Rubio- “America is still the greatest country in the world where dreams can still come true. May God bless America.” President Obama- “it remains the task of us all…to be the authors of the next great chapter in our American story.” Hoping we could actually do that.

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