Hello all!! Im back! After a month of not blogging, I’m happy to report being back on my normal routine! Its been a crazy month, but happy to be back! Losing an hour may not seem much, but 60 minutes is huge when I think about all the sleep I didn’t get last week. Between midterms, papers, and that activity called eating on top of attending classes and lab, I’ve been beyond swamped – not only this week but the 2 previous weeks before too, preparing for Pope Shenouda’s one year memorial. I’m back on campus now from a delightful Spring Break and am no longer in travel mode – still working on getting off of vacation mode though! I am blogging from a much better mental mindset now compared to where I was a week ago. 

So spring break is over, and strangely, it’s actually quite nice. I would love to say the reason for this is because I adore my classes and cannot wait to get back to them, but I would be lying. Don’t get me wrong, I really like the classes I’m taking, but at the end of the day work is work. No, what’s nice is that everyone is back on campus. The weather is also starting to brighten up, and is hinting, just hinting, that spring may be around the corner. We did end up with 40+ inches of snow again over the last couple of months, much of which is still dotted around, but I and the rest of us here in Cambridge are hoping that it will be winter’s final farewell.

 I’m definitely enjoying all my classes again and that includes both required and non-required/elective classes. Having the freedom for elective classes is a perk of being an upperclassman; but I’m taking 3 required Government/Research requirements that people normally take their second year that I’m really enjoying too! It’s funny watching other students Facebook or nod off during lecture because as an upperclassman (I’m guilty of all above too), I am much more cognizant of my ticking time as a former stupid student myself and really appreciate the great lecturers that are available to me. I literally sit in class, really excited about having the opportunity to sit there. I’m just happy to be taught by professors who are excited about the material they’re teaching because back at my public high school, this was not the case.

One of my goals for this blog is to show prospective students that Harvard College students are of course academically focused, but that this studious rigor also applies to outside of the classroom as well. I’d be comfortable saying that all students have at least one activity they are 200% committed to outside of class.

My main highlight of this week beyond the classroom is the Faculty Dinner I attended. Basically, the dining halls host these faculty dinners at least once a semester. It’s a casual setting over delicious food where students can invite a professor or teaching fellow (aka TF, usually a graduate student) so both parties can get to know each other better. Although nerve wracking, it’s a great opportunity that most university students don’t get, so I try to take advantage of it every chance I get. I had such a great time and definitely walked away from dinner knowing I will always find a friend in my professor!

 Other than this, life has pretty much returned to normal. So as I said, I will keep you guys updated and hope you all have a great week!

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One thought on “IM BACK!

  1. Marina Tadros

    Andrew! It is so good to have you blogging again. I think its really inspiring how you love going to class to learn and gain the experience of learning from professors who have so much to share. Education is definitely something that is taken for granted sometimes, especially at the undergraduate level (I would know lol). Best of luck in school! Hope to see you soon.

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