Harvard Week 1

Where do I begin?? Despite the challenges set before me in the first couple of days of moving to Boston, such as: spending 3 hours building a dresser, getting on the wrong bus going in the wrong direction for 20 minutes, walking around town for 45 minutes looking for the grocery shop- forgetting my gloves at home when the temperature was -4, and finally spending almost $600 on books for classes, I think I’m going to like it up here!

Getting into Harvard was one of the best feelings in my life. Harvard is an awesome place, regardless of how rough the start of the journey is, the rewards gained after this experience are definitely something to look forward to. Sometimes I find that I get so caught up in everything I left back home, that I forget how truly blessed I am to attend such a fantastic institution, one that offers me every opportunity if I only look for it.  But the beginning of the year is certainly an excellent reminder.

Even though this is my first semester as a grad student at Harvard, there is something distinctly magical about Harvard at the beginning of the school year.  The air turns crisp, the sun is bright, and there is a charged atmosphere of excitement as new friends are made, old friends are reacquainted, classes are chosen, extracurriculars are comped, and things are just GREAT!

On a really gloomy note, I am beginning to study for exams, papers and projects for the semester, and classes didn’t even start yet! I still haven’t figured out the best studying techniques, as high school and undergrad were a breeze, but I’m getting closer to the best method, and will certainly publish it once I’ve discovered it  We have a nice set-up at Harvard where we have a week for studying, called ‘Reading Period,’ and at the end of the semester, we start our exam period.

Thankfully, tons of my worries and questions regarding school and have been addressed yesterday by multiple student and faculty advisers. I never realized how much grad students have it worse than undergrad students. Advisors expect you knowing EVERY, little thing about the program, so my suggestion to anyone wanting to pursue higher education, READ AND ASK everything and anything in the very beginning. The best part is that my advisors- advise from not books and movies, but rather from their personal experiences. For example, pretty much all the government advisors were students at the Kennedy School, a couple of years ago so I often feel like I’m in the best hands. Yet this doesn’t mean that it completely prevents my hands from trembling when I think about the future!

Until next time! Wish me luck, CLASSES START MONDAY!

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3 thoughts on “Harvard Week 1

  1. Chris K

    I am sure you will work very hard and come out better than you went in. Work hard but enjoy it because it will go fast!

  2. ABDOU Mona

    Good luck! Love you. So proud of you.
    God Bless every step you take, you CAN do it.

  3. ABDOU Mona

    Mona Abdou
    A/ P Shared Services
    77 Deans Rhode Hall RD
    Monmouth junction NJ 08852
    Tel # 732-951- 4043
    Fax # 732-951- 4037

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