Cherry Blossom Festivities and GREAT WEEKEND

First off, story of my day once I get back home from work! I must say I have gained a new appreciation for my parents and all they do for my brother and I since I’ve started working here in DC. It used to be as soon as my mom walked in the door from a full day of work, I would be there with the timeless question, “what’s for dinner?!” not at all thinking that she’s probably not in the mood to cook right now. I have had those days where I just did NOT feel like cooking after I got back home from work, but nevertheless, I had to because unlike lovely college years, I cannot just walk to a cafeteria where food will just appear before me. My family’s opinion has always meant so much to me but more-so now.

I must admit that this past week was probably the most tiring, annoying weeks since my arrival to Washington. Between the craziness at work, and workload for the Washington Center, it’s been difficult to manage, but all that changed over the weekend. A close group of friends came down for the 5k Cherry Blossom on Saturday. Chris and Yostina Khalil (weird calling Yostina- Khalil, Veronica Khalil {AWESOME SEEING YOU} Marina Matta, Mina Massak, and my DC neighbors George Phillips and Mark Doss. They arrived at approximately 1600hrs. 4PM (finally getting used to military timing), we hung out around the city, but we all needed to prepare mentally for RACE DAY!

I will keep the my comments brief about the race… needed to train more. PERIOD

As the spring approaches DC has both pros and cons to it…

  1. The DC cherry blossom festival arrives!
  2. The incessant sneezing begins – its allergy season and all these blooming plants definitely don’t help.
  3. You find yourself walking the few extra blocks in the morning (or at least in the afternoon) to the Metro in order to avoid switching trains, just because its finally nice out.
  4. Random tulip and daffodil gardens planted all over the city find themselves in bloom.
  5. You find you don’t necessarily need to wear that heavy overcoat you dragged into the office that morning when you step out of work to head home in the late afternoon.
  6. The weather is completely bi-polar – 75 one day, and 40 the next.  (At least we’re not as bad as the northeast.
  7. You begin to notice games of kickball and flag football taking place on the middle of the National Mall in the shadow of the Washington Monument.
  8. The plethora of fountains found throughout the city emerges from their winter-long drought.
  9. Those who prefer to bag their high-heels for the morning metro commute find themselves wearing flip-flops instead of Uggs.

10. Cyclists and runners take over the National Mall on the weekends, making it nearly impossible for those not athletically inclined to walk along it without the threat of being run over.

I’ll be going dark for the next couple of weeks for spring break and relax time…. Tune in in May!


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