Week 9

If the warmer weather and blooming cherry blossoms haven’t made it clear already, the fact that we’re almost completely through the month of March points to one thing: spring has officially sprung. I was home in NJ for the weekend, and although I was busy catching up with family and friends, I didn’t expect to miss D.C. while I was in New Jersey for only a few days, but I found myself comparing the two cities quite often. Although New Jersey is great, it can almost be a little too quirky for me; D.C., on the other hand, has a more professional feel to it. It’s also a lot easier to learn the area I could never picture myself living in anywhere else but New Jersey, but I’m slowly beginning to become attached to D.C. It’s probably not a good thing, seeing as how in a little over a month, I’ll be heading back home. But, it’ll definitely bring about more opportunities later on since I won’t be restricted to one city. I have been so tired lately – I think the 8:30-5:30 job is finally beginning to take its toll. Although I’m having the greatest time in D.C., homesickness is definitely not an unfamiliar sentiment. Despite all this, I’m still trying to take in as much of the experience here as I can. I planning on the cherry blossom festival in 2 weekends, and although the anticipated exhibit is beautiful, its probably a mistake to go during the festival’s opening weekend – it was complete insanity. As a New Jerseyian, I thought I was used to large groups of tourists, but the crowd at the festival that everyone is talking about is definitely going to prove me wrong.

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