Two of Four

This is part two of a four part series that chronicles three major tenets of my personal (non-academic) experience. First, “Do it, for you, because you want to.” The second–I’ve learned it’s best to say, “I don’t know,” when referring to my future if I really don’t. Finally, I’ve learned that assuming anything is probably the number one error that students can make. So the last is, “Don’t assume anything.”

This entry clarifies the first tenet. “Do it, for you, because you want to.”

It was my initiative that got me to DC in the first place. I wanted to come here, and although I kept going back and forth about my purpose in doing so, I kept making headway to get here and now that I’ve been here, I have honestly enjoyed the experience. You can never underestimate your own personal interests for what others tell you what you should or need to do. to others, I “should” be doing thing x or seeing event z, but because I’ve followed my own preferences and listened to what I, Andrew Abdou, wanted to do, I began embarking on independence. Independence is not granted with just the degree, nor is it even the first career-oriented job. Independence has to be a state of mind.

Honestly, the tendency you’ll want to combat is to lie to yourself. Just stop it, it’s that easy. Follow your heart people, don’t ask questions


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