Month and a Week IN- 3 months to go

Greetings once again from the Political Arena of the world!!

First of all!!! GOO EGYPT!! Congratulations to my brothers and sisters in Egypt for accomplishing a well deserved revolution, while maintaining the security of the nation.

It’s been a while since I’ve updated, and a lot has happened. Between my internship, classes, applying for a summer internships, seeing the sights, keeping up with old friends and meeting new ones–and every now and then taking some personal time, I’ve been keeping busy. Last Wednesday, I attended two events: CPAC 2011 (Conservative Political Action Conference, where I won a scholarship, and was present for the TWC- Israeli Dialogue where we discussed different opinions towards the Arab-Israeli Conflict, the Middle East Peace Process, and finally the Revolution in Egypt.
In all fairness, not everyone I know here seems to be as busy as I have been. I am really enjoying my internship, and come home many nights a little later than is probably expected of me. I have also been spending a lot of time finding and applying to summer internships, and have probably been distracted by too many interesting news articles or television shows to really complain about a lack of time. Nonetheless, the transition to “working life”–especially the 7:15 wake-up calls–has taken some adjustment, but I’m starting to get the hang of it. It becomes a lot more difficult to pull a late night to study when you’ve got to work eight hours the next day, starting at 8:45. A lot of stores are closed by the time I come home and have dinner, so I need to plan ahead to do things like go to the post office or have my shirts dry cleaned.

On the whole, I’ve done alright so far about seeing DC. (Perhaps not as much so with remembering to bring–and use–my camera, but I’ll work on that as well.) The Washington Post publishes an intern’s guide with ranked listings of “cheap eats,” happy hours, and things around the city to see and do, which has along with a guidebook my friend gave me before I left functioned as something of a checklist for me during these first few weeks.

And as for my internship, it’s worked out better than I could have imagined. I’ve learned so much about myself, the Secret Service, and government in general; it’s just been a great experience. It has confirmed my desire to pursue a career in public policy. There has been a mixture of original and administrative work, but even repetitive tasks have been learning experiences..

This program has been a wonderful learning opportunity, and I’m doing my best to take advantage of it. Working for the Secret Service, in this office and at this moment in history, has been extremely rewarding, and I know it is an experience I will always remember. Let’s just hope something works out for this summer, because after this I think I’d have a difficult time just twiddling thumbs at home…

First off CPAC 2011 is a conservative’s Superbowl of the year, which was held at the Marriot Hotel here in Woodley Park Zoo, Washington DC.. It’s a meeting where top-leading conservatives from all over the nation come to Washington to discuss a variety of issues that deals with matters that our nation is currently facing. Speakers include, Michelle Bachmann, Mitt Romany, Newt Gingrich, a surprise visit of former vice president Dick Chaney, and many others. It was also a great opportunity to meet and network with other young conservatives. I met a couple of guys from New York, and California and we discussed how we could bring awareness of our views to our respective campuses.

Later on in the evening, I attended TWC- Israeli Dialogue where we discussed different opinions towards the Arab-Israeli Conflict, the Middle East Peace Process, and the Revolution in Egypt. A selected group of 20 Israeli students that came to DC to study were invited to the Washington Center’s headquarters to share their opinions in a structured debate lead by the International Affairs Program Advisor. It was beneficial for us as we are preparing to go before the Foreign Relations committee of Congress in expressing our own personal views towards the matters above. I feel it was also beneficial for the Israelis because they had the opportunity to hear the options of a third party rather than hearing it from their own side or the Palestinian side. After the dialogue was over, the whole group mingled together over Middle-Eastern appetizers.

When the night was over, I decided to pack up around 10PM and head up to New Jersey to attend the Second Year Memorial Service of Fr. Bishoy Demetrious in East Brunswick. I was fortunate enough to be on the phone the whole ride up returning phone calls, and following up on things that I have been lacking on. Sam Beshera, and Danny Meleka were right behind me, and spent the night at my house so that we could attend the memorial the following morning.  I got home around 2:15AM. My parents were pretty shocked as I walked in as they were expecting me to come the following morning. After the morning service on Thursday, a group of people went the Matta residence for breakfast, political talk, and talks about the Egypt issue.

On Friday, I was asked to guest speak at Old Bridge High School on my experience working for government and took questions from High School students on internships, and college in general.

Saturday, I attended the bigger memorial for Fr. Bishoy, where the Township of East Brunswick was so kind enough to dedicate our part of Riva Ave renaming part of it to The Very Reverend Fr. Bishoy Demetrious Way. That service was over around 2:00PM and

Arrived back in DC on Sunday Evening for work the following morning!

Planning on going back home on Thursday after work, for President’s Day weekend and come back on Monday for work on Tuesday!

Cheers until Next Time!!

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