DISCLAIMER: This week was rough. Don’t expect anything good out of this blog

The weeks have definitely become a blur! I have become well adjusted to my working life here in the nation’s capital.

This week followed the same pattern as previous weeks. Wake up, work, sleep, and repeat. My class continues to be interesting. I love all the different theories and concepts of intelligence (the course is entitled Managing the American Intelligence Community, and I never realized how diverse the topic was until I started this class. Professor Holtine is extremely knowledgeable, and pleasant, and is one of the few professors who I have encountered in my college experience that really loves and is passionate about what he teaches. Our class has four main components: weekly agency papers that deal with different Intelligence agencies, oral report, a final exam, and a final paper. As much as I like the subject and find it very interesting, it could become a bit overwhelming.

As far as my internship is concerned, it was a pretty rough week. Obviously cant say too much about it but it is what it is. Next week will hopefully be much better.

On Friday my coworkers and I decided to go to the Melting Pot after work. Of course, me being the dummy I am, I forgot my camera!!! We just did the appetizer fondue and dessert fondue, but that was enough food to fill me for three days. For appetizer, we chose spinach and artichoke fondue, cheddar with bacon, and a fiesta fondue. We received bread, vegetables, apples, and tortilla chips to dip in the pots. It was so good, and I guess if I had to choose a favorite I would go with the fiesta. It was almost like a hot queso dip, mmm! For dessert, we chose the plain milk chocolate, a chocolate with caramel and pecans, and a bananas foster fondue. The banana foster was easily the best. For dipping, we got cheesecake, fruit, marshmallows, cake, etc. All in all it was really awesome to see our food “cooked” before us and was good to go out and see some of the city.

However, this weekend I got to devote a large chunk of my time to my civic engagement project. I had decided that I wanted to volunteer participate at the ISRAELI-TWC STUDENT DIALOGUE which is next Wednesday. But I rose rather early on Saturday morning to attend a conference in George Washington University, and it goes until Sunday afternoon, which prepares me for this dialogue. I received a certificate of completion in advocacy and leadership training. After tomorrow’s conference, I come back to the RAF for the superbowl festivities! The Washington Center will be hosting the party, so it should be fun. HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND! HAPPY SUPERBOWL! GO PACKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!

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