The Betrayal

Greetings from the air!!! Let me begin by withdrawing every every positive comment I said about the whole group. Backstabbing, sneaky, snakes are the proper words to describe them. Let me rewind to Saturday evening. My brother and I suggested that we go back ton his apartment to sped the night there rather then everyone being crammed in Sam’s hotel room. Coach K responded with one of his motivational/ inspirational speeches of keeping the group together and avoiding morning hassel of meeting up. The speech sadly convinced my naive brother. (note that i still wanted to go back) That same evening, Danny Meleka, and the situation had a family function they were attending, and asked my brother to use his apartment to shower because it was on the way to there destination. My brother, without any thought agreed to give them key to his room to do there thing. Things went down hill from there. Upon arrival to the apartment after dropping off the group at the airport, we were shocked to find Mena’s apartment vandalized. So far to my knowledge, it was mike and Danny that trashed the room, but the note (refer to facebook for pictures) had everyone’s name that was involved. On any other day I wouldn’t get annoyed, but given the fact that I only had three hours of sleep that night, was very tired, in a rush to get out of the house, and finally Cleaning it aLL ALONE WHILE MY BROTHER WAS TAKING CARE OF BUSINESS, I am almost guaranteeing a counter attack when everyone least expects it. Also under investigation is Gigi Ghobrial’s involvement in this hineous crime. The evidence of her involvement comes from her Facebook album entitled “don’t blog about this.” I am assuming Sam Beshara and Gigi both teamed up, while they went to the “mall” to “shop. ” Regardless of the evidence, everyone is innocent until proven guilty. I will continue my investigation in the upcoming week, and will take necessary action towards the culprit, and will ensure that suspect is prosecuted to the fullest extent of my law. I will keep my follower a praised with the investigation until the proper sentencing is carried out.

See everyone soon. Should be arriving in about two hours.
Federal Agent Abdou

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