Day 5- Last Day

Good morning everyone, today is the group’s last day here in sunny 80 degrees Fahrenheit California. A couple of the guys woke up in the morning to go to church for liturgy, while the others slept in. The group at the hotel had the responsibility of packing and loading to car. Mike Ibrahim and I took care of everything, while Danny was taking his sweet old time packing his things, and Mena Ayad taking a 45+ minute shower or something. (note: Mike and I packed the car, I went up a second time to get my phone, spent 5 minutes up there, went down to wait In the car with mike, began to read a book, got sick of it, drove around the parking lot, then went to the mall across the street to get a cup of coffee for Mike, and they were still not ready to go, thanks Ayad) lolol.

We then headed over to Manhattan Beach to have breakfast with some Californian friends, and the rest of the group before heading to the airport. Spent a good 45 minutes there with everyone of which only a couple of people ate. We all then needed to make a final stop at In-n-Out before their departure. The majority of us and nothing less then a 3×3. We said our goodbyes to the Californian friends, and headed over to the airport. My brother said his goodbyes to his friends, and we headed back to his place…..

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