Key Notes on Each Member of this Group

Krips aka Coach K was our motivational inspiration throughout the duration of the trip. He kept us together In times of need. Krips and I have waking up early in common so that’s when most of our bonding occurred.

My brother continued his roles and responsibility as the drama king of the group. He was also enthroned the title “Beast of In-N-Out. He downed a four by four burger in under two minutes, and almost bit off his fingers while he was at it. Gotta give my brother props for being out here. If he wasn’t out here, then this trip would probably never had happened. See you back at home.

Ayad was just dumb. Always made stupid arguments that Sam, Danny and I ripped him apart for. Ayad was the epitome of my annoyance throughout the trip. But what can I say, gotta love him. Don’t know why but it is what it is.

Danny’s role was to keep sanity among the group, and to provide everyone with something to argue about. I think every heated expirence on the trip had something to with Danny starting it.

Mike aka the Situation- not too much to say about mike, he has the stigma of being big and tough, but he is one of the most tender hearted people i know. He has my inspiration to work out.

Sam- our driver, and always had something to say. Sam is another person that made this trip as successful as it. If it wasn’t for him driving, we wouldn’t have gotten to a where we went in the amount time we spent to get there. he is indeed a crazy crazy driver, but an awesome one. We all give extend our thanks and gratification unto sam for his exceptional services that he offered us.

Gigi- was our Californian tour guide and our liaison to Queen Moniqua her counterpart at home. She is simply just an awesome person. She went out of her way to be with us everywhere we went. She was the voice of reason throughout the trip, and provided countless laughs for us. Thanks G!!!

Cannot write a blog about California without bring recongtion to Queen Moniqua Demetrious. Moniqua was part of every conversation, descsion, and anything that involved a movement of the group. We all wish her a fruitful, successful, enjoyable time out here in Decemeber with her awesome counterpart Gigi.

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One thought on “Key Notes on Each Member of this Group

  1. moniqua

    and to you: Andrew Abdou- Most well-written, comical, sentimental, thought-out blogger. You, my dear are the true meaning of pure joy and happiness to every group you are in!

    ps- I love,love,LOVE this blog and your words are beyond sweettt:) love you!

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