Day 4- Huntington Beach and Tasbeha

Once again, I woke up early in the morning with Krips, and Sam, to plot how to wake up the rest of the group up. Krips had the honor to waking some up via his motivational words while they were asleep. Sam on the other hand was a bit radical; he played the new Allen Iverson song on the loudest possible volume on the computer, and I was just being annoying. We went out to Sugar Shake Cafe for breakfast out in Huntington Beach our first destination for the day. We enjoyed the Californian air played volleyball, for about 45 minutes up until mama Gigi had to pull us away because of the meter parking. Next stop was to Seal Beach for a time of reflection of the trip with a tremendous group of young adults. It was a private beach that had zero people. We spent about an hour there. We headed back home to change and freshen up before tasbeha in St. Abraham and St. Philopateer Marcerious in Torrence with Cantour Arsani Sidaross.
We then headed out to church for vesper praises, vespers, and tasbeha. As much as I love all of that, it was one of the longest, never ending church services that I attended. I believe tasbeha was a little over 3 hours. Danny and I headed back home after, while the others went out to In-N-Out at 1am. Danny and I had great bonding time on the way home. Exchanged stories, and ended the night on a good note.

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