Day 2- San Deigo

Keeping my motto for the trip Efficiency is Key, we all woke up at 6am to spend the day in San Diego. We Stopped in Riverside to pick up David Hanna and Nadra Gabriel, our new friends from Cali, before heading to the beach in San Diego. Another theme of the trip was gluttony; we had to stop at “Jack In The Box” to grab something to eat. We had to take two cars because we had 10 people with us. I was in the car with Sam Beshara, Krips, Danny, and Ayad. We had a healthcare law debate in the car, exchanging our different mindsets. As much as we had different views on the law, it was productive and beneficial on both sides. We finally arrived at La Jolla Beach. Again, words cannot describe the unfathomable beauty of this beach. We played volleyball, and then took a walk to see the seals. There is an incredible amount of seals at La Jolla right underneath the piers on the rocks out afar. After a much-needed day of fun filled events, we decided to go out to Old Town Mexican Café for dinner. Must say the food was great. After dinner I flipped on Sam for not being proactive but rather reactive, and forgetting our theme. We were just sitting there discussing what we should do next, and everyone was beginning to loose sense of our motto-efficiency is key. I stripped away Coach K’s title for the day, and put it upon myself for the night. Danny and Krips were feaning for sushi, so they went to Harney Sushi.  Hats off to Steve Yacoub for suggesting this sushi place to them. I then was dropped off at my cousin’s house in Irvine to spend the next day with her.
Good night America.

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