Arrival and Day 1-“Efficiency is Key”

My journey started at 5AM in the morning, when I woke up to get ready to head out to the airport. Niveen Marco was kind enough to drive me to Newark airport to catch an 830am flight. The check in and security lines were going out the doors. Thankfully, I was fortunate enough to bypass people due to my work position. I’m a type of person who needs to ensure that my efficiency level is well over 90 percent on a daily basis. So, for the five hours and 17 minutes on the plane I was working on work assignment and a couple of homework assignments. Thankfully accomplished everything in mind.

I arrived in Los Angeles at 11:30am at LAX airport. My great older brother Mena, Danny Meleka, who arrived the day before me, and Sam Beshara who was here on business since Sunday afternoon; picked me up. Upon arrival, the “guys” took me to “Rodeo Drive” for sightseeing and lunch. A couple of key annoyances of California are the following: 1. There is a dress code for going out (example:  when we went out to have lunch on Rodeo Drive at an Italian restaurant, (Beverley hills) the hostess sat us in the back corner and treated us horribly because we were not dressed in 3 piece suits) 2. Time is slow to move. I felt that one-minute takes over an hour plus for it to pass. Its going to take a bit to get used to.

After Rodeo Drive, we all went back to Mena’s place to relax and chill until Michael Ibrahim, Kerolos Bernaba, and Mena Ayad came. My brother wasn’t aware that Ayad was coming so it was a surprise for him to see him come down the escalator. Krips (Kerolos) kept on suggesting to Ayad to come down with a bow on his head, but due to Ayad”s immense stubbornness, He refused.

After leaving the airport, we went to the infamous In-N-Out fast food chain which is only located on the West Coast. Words cannot express how good, delicious, and superb, the food was. We all ate double double cheeseburger, which is meant to have two patties, and two slices of cheese. After In-N-Out, we went to Diddy Reese, which is an amazing ice cram shop to eat at. (you pick two types of cookies or brownies with your favorite type ice cream in the middle of it)

Headed back to Sam’s hotel for the night.

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