Week 2- Day 1- “The Rejection”

So everything took an unexpected turn today, which really ticked me off, but still sticking to my philosophy of “everything happens for a reason, and everything is done for the good.” I was accepted into The Washington Center in October of last year, and supposedly, they are supposed to guarantee you an internship before you arrive in the summer. SOOO.. they did offer me a couple of things before I came, but never confirmed any of them until I arrived in DC. I show up to headquarters, and they tell me that it’s a really competitive market out here with 5,000 people looking for internships within federal law enforcement, and law, so its going to be pretty tough to find something. So at the end, I’m here in DC, without an internship, doing NOTHING!! I called the Senate office I used to intern for last fall to see if I would be able to intern in the DC office, but no luck; tried to call the list of NJ Congressmen, but they too are full for the summer. The end result is as follows: if I don’t hear back from another internship or have any interviews from now till 3Pm tomorrow, then I will probably have to withdraw from the program.

On the more positive side, I registered for a tour of the Capitol at 1:50 and got to go inside and see the architecture, and history that lies in it.  I must say that building is one of the most inspirational buildings that every American citizen should be proud of. After the Capitol, I took the underground tunnel to the Library of Congress next door. I toured the different sections of the Library, but I was really intrigued by the Coptic section of the Library. They have a whole section devoted to the different ancient books, and manuscripts of Coptic heritage. I saw the first printed agbeya, psalmody, and full Coptic bible. They didn’t allow me to take pictures of it, due to the sensitivity of the books, but it was so nice to see that my religion and heritage is being preserved by one of the largest, libraries of our nation. More to come tomorrow!

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One thought on “Week 2- Day 1- “The Rejection”

  1. David Awad

    now that is what I call a trip to washington D.c. not our 4 hours in one museum and that is it for the day!

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