Week 1- Day 5- MEMORIAL DAY

One word for today! EXHUSTING! Today’s high (temperature) was approximately 90 degrees. Woke up at 10AM, to meet the youth of St. Mark’s for the “Primetime” (group name) trip to the National Harbor! It took me an hour and 45 minutes to get to Vienna due to the construction on some of the stations. Maggie picked me up, and we headed for church. I met a couple of new people that are involved with the church’s technical ministry, and they gave me a tour of their Sound Room. We headed out to National Harbor in Maryland shortly after. Upon arrival, Ihab and Kristine Guriguis, the college ministry coordinators, we so kind to purchase lunch for the 35+ people who were on the trip. We purchased our tickets, and got on the boat. The boat ride was about 30 minutes     to Old Town Alexandria, Virginia. The boat docked for an hour as we toured. We saw a magic show, cup whistling show, and psychic readings. Toured Alexandria for about 1 hour and headed back to the Maryland. When we docked, we went to the Gaylord Hotel (nothing to do with homosexual orientation). The Gaylord Hotel is by far the nicest hotel I have ever seen. The hotel is consists of a convention center, 19 floors worth of rooms, all around glass windows overlooking the Potomac. The whole group went up and down the elevator just to see the view from the 19th floor, BOY IT WAS NICE! We finally ended the day, Maggie took me to the metro, got to the apartment, and ready to officially start the internship tomorrow morning! Have a good night!

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