Week 1- Day 5- Memorial Day Weekend

Today was my first church service I attended in St. Mark’s Coptic Church in Fairfax, VA. I left the apartment at 8AM, and took the metro to Foggy Bottom to be picked up to go to church. Met a couple of new people on the way to church, which was awesome. I love how everyone in DC is sooo friendly in comparison to the NJ/NY area. I attended the service led by Fr. Paul, and the sermon was given by Fr. Bishoy Andrawis. Following that, I went to the Light and Life meeting, which Fr. Anthony Messeh led. I benefitted greatly from all three priests. After the service, I went back to the apartment to relax for the day. More to come!!

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3 thoughts on “Week 1- Day 5- Memorial Day Weekend

  1. Moniqua

    umm EXCUSE ME! JERSEY PEOPLE ARE FRIENDLY!!! DOn’t forget your roots Andrew! miss you:)

  2. Christin

    DUUUDE!! YOU SAW ABOUNA ANTHONY?! he’s coming here for the servants retreat at the end of the month, but i’m gonna be in egypt 😦

  3. Niveen

    in comparison to jersey ppl? hmmm.. You come back to us “unfriendly, intimidating, and unapproachable” jersey ppl in just 2 short months.. be careful what you say mister

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