Week 1, Day 4- Memorial Day Weekend

Today I woke up pretty late (11AM) due to the lack of sleep I’ve been having since the day I got to DC. I had some breakfast, and then my roommates and I headed out to tour some of the Smithsonian Museums, and Monuments. The first stop of the day was the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum. We spent about an hour and a half there. (Picture below) Next stop was the Washington Hotel Lounge for some lunch. The Washington Hotel Lounge is located on Pennsylvania Ave, which over looks the whole city, and has a great view of the White House. I had my first ever tuna burger, with some fries. Spent a good amount of time there enjoying the 75 degree breeze overlooking our beautiful Nation’s Capital. Next stop is the Smithsonian Museum of American History. This museum is HUGE! Only had a chance to visit the gift shop and “The Price of Freedom, American Wars” exhibit. I was truly moved by this exhibit. It’s a real reminder to every person that lives in the US, the price that other paid for us to live in this great nation. Definitely need another full day to tour this museum. The American History museum was the last Smithsonian Museum of today. Next stop was the White House. This was Joe’s (my roommate) first time to DC, so we stopped by the White House for his sake. We took pictures at the North end of the White House. Final stop before heading back to the apartment was the Freer Gallery of Art, and Islamic World. Fortunate for me, they were closed because I was tired of walking, and my feet started to hurt. (I wore flip flops the whole time). Finally, we headed back to the apartment for some chill time before we went out at night. Our nightlife for tonight was going out to Lebanese Restaurant called Lebanese Tavern on Connecticut Ave. Joe, Ethan, and I decided to eat there to get a feel of our homeland’s food. (at least Joe, and I). I ordered falafel, Ethan ordered Salmon Mashwee, and Joe ordered Shawerma. Then came desert, I ordered baklava, Ethan, Um Ali, and Joe, Basbousa. Boy! It was a great meal, and reminded me of home. We got back at 11:30 watched the rest of the Lakers/Suns game, and I knocked out after to wake up for church the following morning.

Museum of American HistoryAir and Space Museum, DC

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