Week 1 Day 3- Start of Memorial Day Weekend!

I woke up at 7:45 for the second day of orientation, which took place in the Department of Interior. All TWC students headed out to take the metro to the site, which took us about 35 minutes to get there. DC, by the way is all about walking. I think I lost a couple of pounds already. The orientation was brutal, 3 straight hours of people talking about the institution, rules, safety, and alumni telling us how great The Washington Center is. When the orientation ended, I left the group and headed over the TWC headquarters to change my one night a week class. As I was walking to headquarters, I had to pass by the White House. There I saw President Barack Obama getting into Marine One to fly to Andrew’s Air force Base to go to Louisiana to evaluate the Gulf Crisis. It was nuts to see all the Secret Service agents on the roof of the White House, at the gates. It was so nice to see.  When I got back home, I went down to the Lounge Area, and computer lab to finish a couple of busy work items for the program, and went up to the apartment. Had some leftovers for Lunch and then my night began. I took the metro to Vienna, VA to be picked up by a friend, and then headed over to St. Mark’s Coptic Church in Fairfax for the youth meeting, where I met so many new people. When that ended, we went out to eat at this Asian place, socialized and headed back home. It was a good night, full of laughter, serious conversations, and meeting new people. Up next: THE START OF MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND! 

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