Week 1 Day 1

In the morning, I woke up, and took my final shower at home before leaving for DC. My parents and brother then drove down with me to DC to help me get settled in. Upon my arrival to the apartment, (GREAT APARTMENT), I met my first roommate, Ethan. Ethan is Lebanese, whose major is Middle Eastern Studies. He speaks Arabic, and loves to study Middle Eastern History. Ethan is place into the International Affair program, and is interning at the National Defense Insistue. As my parents, brother, and I were unpacking, my second roommate Ryan came in; he is interning at the Naval Museum. Still don’t know too much about him, but he’s cool. After my parents, and brother, left after I settled in, Joe came in. Joe is also Lebanese and a real cool kid. Joe is in the Science and Technology program, and he is interning at a hospital. After we all got settled in, we went out and started to explore. First we went to union station to look at what it has to offer, and then we went to the Postal Museum sums up the history of the US Postal system. All TWC residents had a mandatory meeting at 7PM in the auditorium downstairs. There we met the Student Life Director, Kevin Dunnely, and our RA’s. (Michael Shell is my RA) They went over the rules and regulation of the apartments, and introduced the security personnel. After that, we went to DC’s Chinatown, and stopped at CVS to get my first metro card, and picked up a couple of things for the apartment. When we got back home, I knocked out. That was my first day of my 10 weeks here in DC.

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